It’s The Toy Box Blog

Hey Guys!!

We are so excited to start our very own blog after having relocated from City Mill Lane to Irish Town 9 months ago!! It has been such a hard year with Covid and now that thing are slowly getting back to normal we though it was a good idea to reconnect with our YOU our customers and supporters of our business!

We’d like to thank everyone for your continued support during the pandemic because Covid has sadly affected a lot of businesses on the rock.  We would not be here today if it wasn’t for our customers and your loyalty. 

Let’s quickly summarise our past 12 months!  We relocated to Irish Town to a bigger shop and a more accessible location and at the same time re-opened Hot Gossip at City Mill Lane (did you know we are not the first toy shop in this unit!! It was a toy shop back in the 1950s also!!) For those of you who may not have been in yet we relocated to what used to be Terry’s, who were well known for their second hand books and art supplies.  Speaking of Art, we have taken over some of their supplies and are currently constructing our own art section!!!  Pop in to come and see what we currently have in stock and let us know what your needs are.  In addition we now also have our own childrens books section for children aged 0 to teen, we will continuously be building on our selection and are planning some in shop reading sessions!! Watch this space!!

BUT we are obviously not all about art and books as we are known as The Toy Box.  We have so much to offer in our new location!  We have all areas toy related covered from floor activity mats for the itty bitty new borns all the way up to the adults in our Lego room.  We have some great exclusive lines such as the Our Generation dolls and an excellent range of educational games from Orchard Toys. 

FUN FACT: We can actually claim that our toy ranges from birth to the age of 107! Well, that is according to one of our products in the shop! Keep an eye out, the next time you visit!! In fact, let’s shake it up and chuck a mysterious goodie bag prize into it! Let’s see which one of our customers will spot it!!! Do you have instagram? Follow us on instagram @thetoyboxgib, take a picture of the product when you come in and post it with the #thetoyboxgib107. We’ll choose a winner by 18th June!!! (No cheating!! take your own pics!!!)

There is SO MUCH I could blog about right now, but this only the beginning! Make sure you check in with us to keep up to date with the latest asked questions by our customers as well as having an insight on what toys our staff members loved as a child and even now because we are all children at heart!

Gianna has been part of The Toy Box Team since Feb 2019 and has stuck with us we’ve thrown at her this year! She has been a great addition and is always up for a laugh with her bubbly and hands on personality!!! I’m sure most of you have seen her at our shop by now and if you haven’t, get yourself down to 96 Irish Town!! If you are ever struggling for the perfect present let one of the the two G’s!! Gino and Gianna give you a helping hand with the best service in town and a bit of a banter if you’re one of our regulars!

With the introduction of our blog we will also bring continuous improvements to our website for a better shopping experience.

Until next time girls and boys! xx


The Toy Box