T- Racers S – Playset Dragon Loop


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Attention, brave ones! The great Dragon is ready to gobble up anyone who fails his acrobatic test of speed! Will you end up in its jaws or can you dodge it and head to victory? All up to you! Squeeze the launcher with the precise strength so that Tiki Twist (exclusive T-Racer, you can only find it here!) dodges the mighty Dragon, loops the full loop and wins the cup! If you don’t get the launch accurate, the Dragon will catch Tiki Twist between its terrifying teeth! But beware – even when you think you have avoided it, the Dragon has sneaky ways to chase intruders. It transforms into a wheeled vehicle and opens its jaws to try to them! Will you manage to escape from it? Show that you are the best and bravest of the T-Racers with Dragon Loop!

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